• Pentecostal Academy

The PCA M.V.P.

Updated: Aug 5


The mission of the Pentecostal Christian Academy is to instill pride and respect for the Gospel of the Kingdom and to equip students with the essential skills of a comprehensive, quality Christian education that will ensure preparedness in this world, and will also nurture the gift within for the up building of God's Kingdom.


The students at the Pentecostal Christian Academy will be self-motivated learners who develop spiritual confidence and critical thinking skills which will enable them to become productive individuals in society.


The Academy's Purpose is to maintain every effort to ensure that students are provided diverse, relevant, learning opportunities, which will enable them to reach their maximum, God-given potential. With this in mind, teachers attend and will continue to attend professional developments, trainings, workshops, in-services, plan cooperatively and collaboratively, connect with resource persons to enhance their abilities to meet students' spiritual and academic needs.

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