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Greetings From the Principal!

Updated: Jul 25

Greetings, Staff, Scholars, and Parents of the PCA!

We are excited and looking forward to the 2021-2022 school year. At the Pentecostal Christian Academy, we are continuing on the journey, set forth by our trailblazers, to become a school of excellence! The most beautiful thing about learning at PCA is that we begin our day by praying and giving praises to the Most High, and we include Him

throughout the educational process. We strive to instill, in our scholars, pride for the Gospel of the Kingdom and to equip our scholars with the necessary skills to become lifelong, self-motivated learners with spiritual confidence.

I believe that our scholars’ success will stem from their attending school every day and doing what is asked of them every day. By attending school each day and doing what is

asked of them daily, scholars can excel beyond measure. In addition, parental involvement is an important factor in scholars’ success since children’s most influential teachers are their parents/guardians. Therefore, I believe, if we all work together, our accomplishments will be endless.

In conclusion, since we are aiming for a higher success rate, I encourage everyone to maintain a positive attitude towards school and stay involved by working hard each day. Moreover, always remember what Bishop Andrew Stephens has told us, “Your attitude

determines your altitude!” And, in the words of Sis. Liz Michael, “We will see you at the top!”

Yours truly,

Sis. Marjorie Hall

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