We would like to thank The Meridian Fire Department for coming to share a wealth of knowledge to our students and staff about fire safety. Although this was a serious matter, the fire fighters were able to create a very warm and exciting atmosphere.


Student Appreciation Week

                At PCA

PCA celebrated its very first official Student Appreciation Week! Each day was filled with teachers giving gifts, singing songs and ultimately showing the students that they're loved and appreciated. 


               January 4, 2021


            Staff Development

                  (No School)                                                                              


                  January 5, 2021


                  Students Return


                 January 18, 2021


              MLK DAY (No School)



                January 25, 2021

            100th Day Celebration

           January 25th - 29th, 2021

                School Choice Week

               February 19, 2021

        No School/District Meeting

              February 24, 2021

Black History Program @ 10:00 AM


                 March 5, 2021

           3rd Nine Weeks End




                      March 11, 2021

                PCA Has Talent @ 5:30


            March 15 - 19, 2021

              SPRING BREAK!!!

             March 22 - 26, 2021

                Distant Learning

                     March 29, 2021

             PTA Meeting @ 6:00 PM


                 April 6th - 8th, 2021

                       SAT Post-Test

                       April 16, 2021 

             NO SCHOOL (District Meeting)

                        April 22, 2021

             Last Day for After School Tutoring                                  Program

                          May 3, 2021

          PTA Meeting @ 6:00PM/ Teacher-                      Parent Appreciation Week

                          May 14, 2021

      Fourth Nine Weeks End/ Senior Day

                       May 15, 2021

   PCA -YPU GALA (Mask-querade Ball)

                 May 16th - 21st, 2021

            Early Dismissal @ 1:00p.m.

                  Students 181 Days

              Teachers/ Staff 188 days

                                         2021 Black History Program 

This years Black History Program was by far one of the best that PCA has ever had. The support from the student's parents and guardians this year was beyond emotional. The speaker of the event was Mississippi native and Lincoln University's very own Mr. Earnest Washington. Washington's moving speech entitled "Birthing The Greatness Within You", moved in the hearts of all in attendence and has previously proven to have made a difference in the lives of the students based on performance afterwards.

                PCA's SGA Gives Back To The
                 Waynesboro Community

The newly formed SGA hit the ground running this present school year. The goal of allowing the students to take part in this endevour was to expose them to community service, but ultimately help stimulate a care and concern for others more than themselves. Waynesboro Distribution coordinators were very inviting and excited to have them come and work so hard to make sure everyone that came was accomodated. It was a total success!!

Senior Class Tours Alcorn State University


A very excited senior class boarded the school vans in hopes of a fun filled educational day on the Alcorn State Campus. With graduation fastly approaching, having the opportunity to tour this campus sparked a peak of interest in not only Alcorn, but of hopes of actually fulfilling thier dreams of success. The senoirs also enjoyed a great "Home" football game before heading back to PCA.